Picking The Right Beanie

A beanie is a great staple of your winter wardrobe.

Every stylish way to wear winter's
Beanies are basically the only vaguely acceptable option, and let’s face it, they’re hardly held in high regard by followers of fashion. You can’t really blame them either. 
However, as is the case with so many things in the world of style – it’s not just a matter of what you wear, it’s also about how you wear it. And with that reasoning very much in mind, we’d like to take to the stand in defense of one of winter’s most misunderstood accessories.

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “Hats just don’t suit me” it may be because you’ve simply been wearing the wrong ones.

If you’re round or square of face, “Choose a beanie without a turn-back cuff, with ribbing and a looser style that can add a bit of height to your face,“Also, wear it slightly back off your face rather than pulling it down over your ears.”

If you have a longer face, a beanie can work nicely. “Opt for a turn back cuff, which could even be in a contrasting color or have stripe detailing,” “Wear a tighter fitting style that sits snugly on your head to avoid adding any more height.”

"How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about". Philip Treacy

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