Handmade Alpaca - LLama Fur Beige Color


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  • Our Alpaca - Llama meets or exceeds manufacturing & safety standards set by the USA and individual state requirements for plush figures. Naturally flame retardant, filled with hypoallergenic NEW polyfill, child safe eyes & nose
  • An incredibly soft and cuddly companion for a child or adult.
  • Hand made in South America from 100% pure baby alpaca friendly fur 
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry, then brush gently.
  • 12 inches tall X 8 inches wide 

Product description

Delightfully soft and cuddly, these alpaca plush stuffed animals are the ultimate treat! Each of our one of a kind Alpacas are made by hand from all natural alpaca; which is hypoallergenic and dander free. Treat yourself or someone special to an alpaca . Our collectable alpaca - llama are made from 100% pure Baby Alpaca fur (Baby Alpaca is the industry term used to identify the finest alpaca fur, and does not accurately indicate the animals age) and filled with clean, NEW hypoallergenic poly fill; only child-safe safety eyes and noses are used. The fur used for these alpaca is all natural and dye free, often white is the softest of all alpaca because of the lack of pigment. These alpaca- llama meet or exceed all US and independent state requirements for plush figures. This assures you that you're purchasing the highest quality bear available. No two alpaca - llama are ever the same because they are hand sewn from natural alpaca. Your alpaca will be similar in size and shade to the one shown. Color shades and size as well as fur length will vary from one alpaca to another. A byproduct of alpaca farming, alpacas are never harmed to obtain their fur. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry, then brush gently. Do not submerge in water. Alpaca fur does not absorb water and has no lanolin or grease that can hold allergens. If submerged, water will penetrate into the body of the alpaca and will damage it. With care, this alpaca will be a wonderful friend, to be cherished for years.



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